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about us

Consolo Produzioni, was launched in 2001 from the ten-year experience of Spazio Consolo.

For more than 20 years we took care of the production and the services related to the vast world of the events. Consolo Produzioni, along with Consolo RealEspace, Italian Short Rent and Consolo Retail, is part of the project Consolo Hub, a mix of complementary ideas that, put together, are able to extend to the world of housing, retail and business services.

Events Services

Consolo Produzioni collaborates with the main Milanese and Italian Companies and with all the agencies working with events. We offer our knowledge to create the best events possible.


Consolo Produzioni deals with tours around all Italy. Thanks to a strong experience spread on all the territory, we have built a network of possible solutions that allow us to operate in different areas.

Why choose Consolo Produzioni

Enthusiasm and professionalism are a few of the reasons you should choose us. Our experience in the world of events will be a valid support to achieve the project of your dreams. We are a young and qualified team, always ready to accommodate the demand of all our clients. We collaborate with internationally known names and we always live up to any request we receive, to make of each project a sure success.

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